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Katherine Beaumont


Katherine brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the Brematson team as the CPP-Disability Benefits Program Manager.

Katherine worked at Manitoba Health Services Commission (MHSC) for more than 20 years and has a vast knowledge of the administrative medical field.

Because of Katherine’s desire to help people, she trained as a paralegal and worked for a well-respected law firm in San Antonio when she lived in Texas for many years. In Canada, she focused her expertise on family law (divorce, child custody, division of property, etc.).  Katherine’s analytical mind and her experience in research and trial preparations are an asset to the Brematson Disability Advocates team and its clientele, particularly in preparing denied claims that are taken to the Social Security Tribunal.

Katherine is also well versed in contract law, including preparing the transfer of property contracts, business contracts, and tenancy contracts, as well as preparing cases for trial regarding breach of contract.  Her focus when preparing contracts is to ensure that there are no areas that may be left open to interpretation or misinterpretation.

Katherine is both professional and compassionate and, through her work with family law, has gained the ability to make people feel at ease when dealing with difficult subject matters.