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Keith Poulson

Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPP-D)
Claims Director


Keith fills the role of Canada Pension Plan Disability Claims Director at Brematson and Associates Inc. He is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with 31 years of experience assisting individuals who suffer from mental illness. Because of this nursing background, he has the knowledge to connect effects of impairment, medical reports and diagnosis.

From 2006-2012 Keith was appointed as a medical member of the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals (OCRT) which was established to hear appeals of individuals denied CPP disability claims. To improve his ability to provide fair and impartial appeal decisions, Keith took courses on evidentiary process and decision writing. Prior to leaving the OCRT in 2012, Keith wrote more than 150 appeal decisions; none were over-turned by judicial review. The OCRT has since become the Social Security Tribunal of Canada (SST). 

In 2014, Keith joined Brematson and Associates as a Senior Canada Pension Plan Disability Case Manager. His experience as a Tribunal member has brought immeasurable value when representing people who have been denied their Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits. Keith also provides assistance with CPP Disability viability reviews, applications, reconsideration requests and SST appeals.  Not everyone meets the legislative requirements to obtain this benefit and Keith’s experience allows him to provide the insight required to determine whether someone is an eligible candidate.  

Keith puts a claimant’s mind at ease by letting them know upfront whether or not they should be approved for the CPP Disability benefit.  This unique skill was acquired after years of having CPPD benefit decision making ability and assisting those with disabilities first-hand. Through this he saw the difficulty that those persons with disabilities have in presenting a case before a tribunal. Keith felt a need to help those individuals who could not help themselves in the CPP Disability process.  As a member of the Brematson team he successfully represents many claimants at the Social Security Tribunal – General Division, and Appeals Division. Keith believes in fairness and is ready to fight for a CPP Disability benefit outcome that is just and fair.