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Keith Poulson

Keith Poulson


Keith is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with 31 years of experience in assisting individuals who suffer from mental illness. He has spent the last 14 years working in a large core area trauma centre as a Psychiatric Emergency Nurse.

From 2006 to 2012 Keith was fortunate to be appointed as medical member of the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals (OCRT). The OCRT was the organization in charge of establishing Review Tribunals for the purpose of hearing Appeals of individuals who had been turned down by Service Canada when they applied for a CPP disability pension.

Each tribunal at that time consisted of one legal member, one medical member and one community member. Each Tribunal was charged with hearing an appeal of an applicant who had been turned down for a CPP disability pension. Keith found a new passion as he entered his role as a Tribunal member.

The Medical member had two main functions while on the Tribunal, one was to be part of the decision making process when evidence was presented for consideration on appeal and two, to provide clarification on the medical conditions and terminology for the other two Tribunal members.

To improve his ability to provide fair and impartial decisions Keith took courses on evidentiary process and decision writing that were provided by the OCRT. In his last four years as a Tribunal member Keith wrote more than 150 decisions. None were over-turned by judicial review. Keith was offered reappointment in 2012 but had to turn it down due to personal circumstances. He found very quickly that he missed being part of the complex world of CPP disability appeals and began looking for an organization that he would feel comfortable in bringing his skill set to.

In 2014 Keith joined Brematson as a Senior CPP disability advocate. He brought his experience as a Tribunal member to work for people who have been turned down by Service Canada for a CPP disability pension. Keith also provides assistance with initial CPP-D applications and reconsideration requests, to help individuals avoid being turned down by Service Canada. Not everyone is eligible for this benefit, and Keith’s experience allows him to provide a fairly reasonable assessment as to whether someone will be a successful candidate. Keith believes in fairness, and if an individual is not eligible for a CPP Disability pension, they should be told upfront.