Why We Exist

How We Started


Susana Scott is the founder and President of Brematson Disability Advocates. Our Head Office located at 100-105 Fort Whyte Way, with a branch office located in Saskatoon. The creation of the company was a direct result of Ms. Scott’s personal experience with disability issues, which she encountered after giving birth to her disabled daughter who was born with Spina Bifida. A former Special Assistant to the President of the Treasury Board of the federal government of Canada, she had expertise in navigating government bureaucracy and interpreting legislation. Susana set a vision for Brematson Disability Advocates to bring clarity and build connections for families across Canada.

Over the course of the past 11 years, Brematson Disability Advocates has made significant inroads in identifying and re-capturing benefits and tax credits for clients. Since incorporating in 2006, Brematson Disability Advocates has recovered over 13 million dollars in income tax refunds and disability benefits for a client base of 1,000+ families.

Value Prop

Brematson Disability Advocates is an organization that helps individuals and their families whose lives are affected by disability. We provide a much needed service by assisting our clients in successfully applying for disability programs. We specialize in Disability Tax Credits and CPP Disability benefits. However, Brematson is an organization that truly stands for more. We go beyond the initial application process and build a relationship with our clients. We leverage in-depth expertise to create a bridge between the individuals that we represent, their physicians and the government. We provide clarity and understanding in a field often weighed down with confusion and intimidation. We want our clients to be educated on what is possible and to obtain the funds that they deserve. Our clients leave us feeling validated, more confident and better equipped to live their lives. Simply put… Brematson changes lives.

Brematson knows the challenges that our clients face every day and this gives us focus and direction. We act as an advocate on their behalf using all of our faculties to pursue the desired result. Our knowledge comes from professional experience in the government, medical and private sector as well as over 10 years representing clients in obtaining disability benefits. Brematson is the pioneer in this industry and we are not standing still. We continue to research and expand our knowledge of how better to serve our clients and we grow stronger as our team grows and with every case that we represent. Brematson is not afraid to stand up for the rights of the individuals that we represent. To each and every one of us…it’s personal! Disability is something that has touched each of our team members. We truly understand the difficulty and frustrations that can come from one’s transition with disability. We provide a voice for those who sometimes do not have the means to stand for themselves. We act on their behalf because we possess the knowledge and experience for a positive outcome. We are passionate about providing hope and reassurance and removing some of the obstacles faced by those affected by disability.

How We’ve Changed Lives

There are 2 ways we measure how we change the lives of our client

1. Our success in the claim which results in either a CPP-D benefit or a tax refund – to date we have put over 13 million dollars into the hand of our clients

2. The incredible impact we see on the client’s self-esteem knowing that someone cared enough to listen and to act on their behalf.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our Corporate Culture

“We believe in proving it’s possible to weave together advocacy for persons with disabilities, lobbying the government, a passion for social justice and connecting people to the financial world. To do this we’ve cultivated a culture where our remarkable people produce remarkable results with a framework that is built on courage, commitment and compassion. Our principles drive our corporate culture. It is our Commitment that we put our client first. We embrace challenge with Courage by defying conventional thinking and by balancing professional strengths with human Compassion.”

– Susana Scott

Our Principles

These are the principles that drive our corporate culture:

1. It is our Commitment that we put our client first

2. We embrace challenge with Courage

3. We challenge conventional thinking

4. We balance professional strengths with human Compassion

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