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Important information about receiving Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

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If you are a CPP-D recipient, there is information that you must keep Service Canada, the government department that administers CPPD, up to date on. Let Service Canada know if any of the following changes happen:

  • your work-related gross earnings exceed $5,500
  • you want to return to work or your return to work is unsuccessful
  • you complete an academic, training or rehabilitation program
  • your medical condition improves
  • your address, phone number or direct deposit information changes
  • a child enters or leaves your custody

Other CPP-D information you need to know:

When you turn 65, your CPP-D benefit automatically changes to a CPP retirement pension, which will likely be less than your disability benefit.

CPP-D benefits are taxable. To have tax withheld from your CPP-D benefit, complete the form ISP-3520 and Request for Voluntary Federal Income Tax Deductions, and send it to Service Canada.

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