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The Disability Inclusion Business Council – Championing Workplace Inclusion

Fostering an environment where every individual's potential can be recognized and nurtured.

The Disability Inclusion Business Council was established on December 7, 2022 by the Government of Canada. This groundbreaking initiative is set to pave the way for transformative changes in our workplaces, making accessibility and inclusion not just an aspiration but a lived reality.

As a voice and advocate for individuals with disabilities, I’m especially heartened by the council’s commitment to fostering an environment where every individual’s potential can be recognized and nurtured.

The Council’s objectives are clear and potent:
🔹️ Driving the adoption of inclusive hiring practices to tap into the rich talent pool of workers with disabilities.
🔹️ Ensuring retention through supportive and accommodating workplace environments, enabling individuals to thrive.
🔹️ Spearheading the creation of accessible products and services, reflecting the true diversity of our customer base.

We are not just talking about checklists and policies; we’re ushering in an era of best practices that resonate with values and action. From comprehensive accessibility audits to inclusive design workshops, the Council is dedicated to providing the tools and knowledge necessary for businesses to excel in inclusion.

Inclusion is more than a concept it’s about tangible actions that break down barriers and build bridges. It’s about understanding that when we design for disability, we enhance the experience for everyone. It’s about recognizing that a diverse workforce is a resilient and innovative one.

I invite you all to join in this conversation and contribute to a movement that sees ability where society has seen barriers. Let’s work together to build workplaces that celebrate diversity, champion inclusion, and lead by example.